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Feb 28, 2019

How long will people stay on your website before leaving?


The answer: Within 5 to 20 seconds unless you clearly communicate what you offer and that you can be trusted. With every image you use and every line of copy you write, you’re either serving your customer’s story or confusing them. Today I’m going to guide you through some helpful tips to make sure you’re not confusing your customer with their initial view of your website on your home page.


We will call this first view the “above the fold” view. This term comes from the newspaper industry and refers to where the newspaper folds in half. On a website, it’s what your customer sees on your homepage before scrolling.


In this episode, I’m showing you EASY ways to make your website convert on that first, fast view!


Are you ready to set your website up for better conversions? Most of these tips are going to involve taking things OFF your website, not adding them. And these are all things you can do on your own without starting over on your website!


Episode Highlights:

- Less is more when it comes to your navigation options + how many options you should have in your primary navigation

- How to be CLEAR, not cute

- How to showcase what problem you are solving, what your solution is and who you are helping

- The ACTUAL purpose of your website’s home page