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Apr 23, 2019

Spring is in the air over here, and I’m loving it! Normally, every spring I “spring clean” our home. I get rid of the things we aren’t using anymore by donating or selling them.  Just like a good spring cleaning helps us freshen up our homes, spring cleaning OUR ONLINE HOMES can help our online presence feel powerful and refreshed! (See what I did there…. Online homes?!)


In this episode I’m sharing 7 ways to spring clean your website. We’re talking website usability, browser functionality, updating specific sections of your website, changing up your pricing and offerings, and SO MUCH MORE!


As you dive into this, I want you to think of your website like your business’ online home. For many of you (myself included) your business isn’t just an online home, it is your literal store front. You don’t have a brick and mortar or another way people buy from you. Your website is IT. Just like a boutique, coffee shop, or any kind of brick and mortar store cleans, redecorates, updates and improves their space, we’ve got to do the same for our business’ online home.


Episode Highlights:

- Why updating your website is vital to your SEO

- Which browsers you should make sure your website works with and how to test functionality

- Why the mobile experience on your website matters more than you think and how to get it just right

- Which sections on your website you should check out to make sure there isn’t incorrect information

- Questions to consider as you update your pricing and packaging

- WHY you need less words on your website than you think

- The best way to test how intuitive and easy to use your website is


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Source: “On average, mobile web traffic accounts for half of all website traffic.

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