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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jul 2, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered “How much is too much editing?” when it comes to your testimonials, then this is your episode! This is such a strange topic because there’s no official guide book to this sort of thing anywhere. It’s very much uncharted territory. 


In this episode we explore questions like: What if the review has a typo? What if the grammar just doesn’t make sense? Can I change up the wording a little bit? 


It can feel really confusing figuring out where to draw the line when you use testimonials from past clients, I get it. This episode will guide you to clarity. 


I dive into 8 common changes people might want to make to a testimonial, and I tell you if it’s ok to change or totally not ok. 


Episode Highlights:

- Answering the big question of “Can I do a little editing to my client’s testimonials?” 

- What’s totally NOT ethical when it comes to getting testimonials from clients 

- What to do when your client misspells something or uses bad grammar in their testimonial 

- When the testimonial doesn’t make sense as written, how to fix it

- What’s the deal with reordering sentences or cutting things out of a testimonial, is that ok?

- When you want to change “she” to your own name for a pull quote

- How to ask permission to make changes so that you’re always in the clear 


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