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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Aug 6, 2019

As a new business owner, we often treat our business like a hobby unintentionally. Maybe your business even started as a hobby so treating it like one comes naturally. We desire to be a business owner, but we have bad habits that are keeping us stuck. We say things like “I’m just a freelancer” or “Oh, it’s just a little side hustle.” But, to grow your business, you’ve got to act like a business owner, which means ditching the freelancer/hobbyist ways of working. 


As the saying goes, “Treat your business like a business and it’ll PAY you like a business. Treat your business like a hobby and it’ll COST you like a hobby.” In this episode, I’m sharing 5 ways I commonly see people treating their businesses like hobbies. Some are even ways I was guilty of early on in my business — so, I speak from experience! 


When you make shifts AWAY from the freelancer attitude, you can start to step into the CEO role in your business, and see massive growth. You can’t run your business like a freelancer and expect results like a CEO. 

I hope this episode is the tough love you need to take things to the next level and get a little more serious with the way you manage your business! 

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