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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Nov 5, 2019

Instagram Stories can be intimidating — especially when it’s new to you. You might be worried about what people are thinking and wondering if you’re doing it “right”. Showing up well on Instagram Stories is incredibly important in your business. In fact, 80% of all daily active Instagram users are watching Stories just as often as they’re checking their feed. This is a great opportunity to connect with your audience. 


Whether you use stories right now and want some tips or if you’re brand new to Instagram, this episode will help you get clarity on how to show up for your audience better on Instagram. Today we are talking about things like how many stories you should be posting at once, how to do face to camera stories well, how to keep people engaged and watching, a bunch of random tips, and so much more! 


Ready to talk about all things Instagram stories?! Then turn up the volume and tune in now! 


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