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Dec 3, 2019

It’s certainly not a fun feeling to excitedly post some content on Instagram, and just hear crickets from your audience. If you’re asking “How can I get people to actually engage with me?!”, “How can I get them to comment, to write back to what I share?” then this episode is for YOU. 


I’m sharing 5 simple ways to improve your engagement on Instagram and some of the mistakes you might be making that are actually hurting your engagement, not helping it. Let’s make Instagram fun for you and get your audience responding to what you have to say! 


Episode Highlights:

- How to ask questions that people actually want to respond to

- 3 ways to engage people from the beginning of your post (so they actually expand to read it) 

- What ice cream has to do with your Instagram account 

- How to be polarizing to engage the RIGHT people

- What analytics to pay attention to in your Instagram account

- Why your excuses for not writing people back aren’t helping your business 

Plus, listen to the end of the episode for a life update on the fun things going on in the past 2 weeks while I’ve been away at conferences and events! 


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