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Dec 31, 2019

An entire week on a calendar? Yep, you read that title right! I schedule out everything I’m doing in a week, both personal and business, on my calendar, hour by hour for every weekday. And, I’m going to teach you how to do it too. 


This has been such a highly requested episode after the many times I’ve showed you guys my calendar on Instagram stories. And you’re like “What the heck is this magic?!” Well, I’m sharing all the magic here! I’m covering how I take a handwritten to-do list and put each item into my calendar every week. This allows me to make decisions in advance, and therefore minimize how many small decisions I have to make in a day. 


This process will help you increase productivity in the new year. So, if you’re ready to stop wasting so much time and start actually accomplish your big goals, let’s dive in! This episode has the power to really change things for you, PLUS give you the encouragement you need to really go after your goals. 


What You’ll Learn:

- How your scheduling looks today versus how it could look for 2020

- How I get so much done in so little time working 

- The exact process for scheduling your week in your calendar 

- An example from my day where I read you my calendar

- How to leave margin for yourself when planning

- How to overcome your excuses ahead of time to get what you really want 


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- Watch The Life Coach School Masterclass on this topic:  

(Want to skip the intro and head straight to the step by step? Go to 14:00 minutes on the episode!)


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