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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jan 7, 2020

You may be reading that title and thinking “What the heck is Elizabeth talking about this week! Worst possible way?! What?!” Yep, you heard it right… say what you do in your business in the worst possible way. 


I saw this in a private Facebook group I’m apart of months ago. It was supposed to just be a funny comment thread. But, as I read through the many comments I realized how valuable this exercise is for getting clarity on what you do and learning to talk about your business in a way that works. 


Most business owners talk too lightly and infrequently about what problems they solve for their customers. But, this matters. If people don’t understand what problem you will solve for them, then they will not understand why they should pay you. So, start saying what problem you solve, and to actually answer that, you might need to think in the terms of humor, bluntness and a little sass too. I’m teaching you now on today’s short and sweet episode! 


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