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Jan 14, 2020

Tips, tricks, and strategies to create your most effective and strategic contact page ever. 


Today we are talking specifically about the contact page on your website. If that sounds boring, hear me out that this *might* actually be one of the most important pages on your website. For service-based businesses, this page is what stands between someone learning about your services and starting the booking process — that definitely matters. 


Creating a more strategic contact page doesn’t require redesigning your website or any crazy design skills. Little changes will go a long way. 


In this episode, we focus on:

- How the contact page serves a different purpose depending on your business type

- The 2 MUST-HAVES for the contact page

- How many questions (and what questions) should be on your contact form 

- What questions you need to stop asking immediately and instead save for later 

- How to set up a contact form 

- What else goes on this page — including the must-haves + some extra fun ideas

- Why what happens after the contact page matters significantly too 


Stay tuned for more episodes covering specific pages of your website! 


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