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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Feb 11, 2020

Have you ever promoted companies as an affiliate? If so, chances are you’ve been in the position of wanting to send the link to someone, but obviously, you don’t remember the long link the company gave you. Right?


This short episode is going to teach you some tips to start sharing your affiliate links with more ease and strategy. Not sure what affiliate marketing is all about? We talk about that briefly too! 


I love affiliate marketing, and my business brings in thousands a month in affiliate income. And, in 2019, we brought in multiple five-figures in affiliate income. (And yes, all without the “swipe up” feature on Instagram!) In this episode, I’m sharing one, very specific tip to help you get more out of your affiliate promotions too. 


These tips are going to make promoting affiliates:

- Easier for YOU to do

- Easier for the person you’re sharing the link with

- Better for the company you’re promoting 

This episode has major time-savers in it, and I can’t wait for you to listen in! 


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