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Mar 31, 2020

My official 4 year business anniversary just passed. 4 YEARS — It feels both longer than that and shorter than that. When I realized this anniversary was coming up, I knew I wanted to record an episode reflecting on big things I’ve learned that YOU can learn from too. I’m just sharing 3 things, and I haven’t talked about any of them on this podcast before. (Yay for totally new content!) But seriously, I speak from the heart more than ever on this one, and I hope that it resonates with you. 


Tune in to hear 3 pieces of advice I have for you. These are things I’ve learned over these last 4 years building a six-figure (in profits) a year website design business (with lots of transitions in between). Plus, you’ll get to hear an audio clip from an event I spoke at in 2018! I hope the content in this episode will encourage you in your business! 

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