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May 12, 2020

Want to create shareable content? Content that compels people to comment, save, and engage? What works on Instagram is forever changing! So, what’s working now in 2020? That’s what we’re discussing in today’s episode. 


If we think back to the early days of Instagram, we were all sharing super filtered iPhone photos with no captions. (Hello Valencia filter!) Stories, IGTV, and advertisements weren’t a thing, and the whole interface looked different. Instagram is an ever-evolving app, and as we all know what worked when it started in 2012 doesn’t work now. And, I’d even say things that created engagement in 2018 and 2019, won’t anymore. 


In this short episode, you’ll learn 4 types of images that will stop the scroll and create engagement with your audience! If you’re stuck on what to share, consider this your guide! 


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