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Sep 15, 2020

This episode is a hodgepodge of so many topics with one of my favorite photographers, Vanessa Hicks! Her work is beautiful, and she’s someone I love following and learning from online. As the title suggests, we talk about a lot of things in this episode — it was hard for us to pick just ONE thing to focus on!


We talk first about her story starting her photography business, with no prior experience and with a lifestyle that required her family to move a lot. (You’ll hear why in the episode!) If you’re like me, then you might think wedding photography does NOT seem like the career choice when you can’t stay in any one location for more than a few years. The thought of moving after building up a reputation and clientele in an area is a nightmare for most photographers. But, Vanessa has made it work, and she shares about rebuilding her business in a new market in San Diego after recently moving from Hawaii. 


We talk about blogging and SEO! (Which I am a HUGE SEO fan, as you know. So this was especially fun for me.) She drops so many wonderful SEO strategies that you can get started on today. And, if you think SEO isn’t important for your business, what she shares will seriously make you reconsider that. We tell you exactly how you can figure out what keywords to blog about, how to know how your competitors are doing in the SEO game, and lots of blogging strategies. 


We also talk about protecting your mental health as a creative entrepreneur, especially during this crazy year 2020 has been. I hope that Vanessa’s advice on this will speak right to your heart like it did to mine! 


I feel like I could talk to Vanessa for hours, and funny thing… we actually did talk for an additional 50 minutes after we stopped recording for you guys. She’s just great! So, turn up the volume and enjoy this vulnerable and strategic conversation with Vanessa Hicks. 

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(P.S. Vanessa and I are hosting a GIVEAWAY over on Instagram to celebrate this episode release. You can enter to win a private coaching session with Vanessa and a "Link in Bio" template from me! Head over to @elizabethmccravy on IG to get entry details!)