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Sep 22, 2020

Welcome to a week behind the scenes episode of the Breakthrough Brand Podcast! This is a long one (wowee!), but it’s gonna be really fun and entertaining. Hopefully, this is a nice break from the super educational and “note-taking” time of content I typically am sharing. We all need something more chill every now and then, right? If you’re a tad nosy like me, then you’ll love hearing what my life actually looks like. I believe that so much of what makes our businesses successful is in what we do in those little moments that no one actually sees (or typically talks about). So, I’m talking about it! I did an episode like this way back in the day on episode 7 of this podcast, and so much has changed since then. So, it’s time for a refreshed version of this! 


This week I’m taking you with me every day. I’m checking in every morning before work and after work hours to tell you what’s happened. You’ll hear me talk about podcast interviews, team meetings, working on client’s website design projects, baking bread randomly for fun, hanging out with friends, how I plan my week, the workouts I do, the courses and content I consume to grow my business, books I’m reading, what my morning routine is like, and so much more. 


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