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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

Well, I have a treat for you all today! I’m chatting with my wonderful husband, Adam McCravy, to answer some fun questions that you guys sent in (and some we came up with ourselves)! 


We talk about so much in this episode, but here are a few highlights: 

- Hear the story of how we met and started dating 

- Adam shares TONS of quirks/facts about me that you wouldn’t know from listening to this podcast (Seriously, I laugh and get embarrassed! He caught me off guard with these, haha!) 

- We talk about how to work out together as a couple 

- We share some very funny childhood stories 

- We share who does what around the house 

- We share what careers we would do if not what we do now 

- Adam shares about what he’s doing for work right now

- and so much more! 


I hope you enjoy this fun, casual “get to know us” chat and meeting my husband, Adam! 


Links mentioned in this episode: 

- Adam was on episode #9 of this podcast previously. We talk about personal finances, money and marriage! Scroll back to tune into that one! 

- We mention my “week in the life” episode that is super fun! Scroll back to episode #84 to tune in 

- Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram: (If you have other ideas you’d like to hear us share about, let me know!) 

- Visit Elizabeth’s website: