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Nov 3, 2020

There is a big growth opportunity happening on Instagram right now via REELS. Love them or hate them, Instagram is pushing reels on the platform, and it’s worth checking out. Regardless of your following now, you have an opportunity to be SEEN and found by your dream clients through this fun video content! Today I’m interviewing Stephanie Kase to chat #AllThingsReels. 


There are about a thousand things I could have interviewed Stephanie about, and fun fact, you’ll actually hear her AGAIN in a few weeks! But, she’s the perfect gal to chat about Reels with because she’s seen huge results from Reels in her own business. Over the past 2 months, she’s grown by over 2,500 followers on Instagram, and she attributes that growth to her reels! Not only that, but she’s had reels get thousands upon thousands of views, many go viral, and one recent reel with over 200,000 views. 


As a “newbie” to Reels, I ask Stephanie some important questions! You’ll hear us talk about:

- Content ideas for Reels

- What to do if “dancing and pointing” is not your style

- A workaround if you don’t have the coveted “music feature” on Instagram 

- How to create a cool cover for your Reels 

- How to batch your Reels in advance and save tons of time 

- How long Stephanie takes to make her Reels 

- Tips for creating viral Reels 

- Tips to engage your viewers immediately! 

And so much more! 


Plus, if you’re listening LIVE, Stephanie and I are doing a giveaway together on Instagram this week! Head to to get the details & enter! 


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