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Nov 10, 2020

I’ve learned a lot from hiring in my business this year - from contractors to team members, all of it! It all starts with the job application! So today, I’m sharing 4 of the questions that have been most important to me when hiring. These are the ones that I found myself caring the most about the answers for when reviewing applicants. And, they totally might not be what you think. These aren’t the whole “What’s your greatest weakness?” type of questions. These are totally more off the wall than that! 


Whether you’re hiring your first team member or 10th, doesn’t matter… these questions will help you with assessing if someone is right for the job or not. And, if you’re still a 100% solopreneur and not thinking about a team yet, I’d still encourage you to tune in here because thinking about this stuff will help you prepare for when that time for you does come. 


If you liked this episode and want to hear MORE hiring tips, let me know over on Instagram @elizabethmccravy. Tell me your biggest takeaways from this episode and any team building questions you want to hear answered. 


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