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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jan 5, 2021

Ready to be a better leader in your business? Whether it’s just you right now, or you and a very small team… this episode has so many takeaways for you! I’m chatting with Tianna Tye — an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and Team Dynamics Consultant. As an online business owner herself who has lots of experience leading small, remote teams… she gets it. And the conversation we have here is full of insights! And, for those of you who often ask me to share what my team looks like, I talk about that stuff here! (Including lots of team meeting tips and pieces of my own experience hiring a team!) And, Tianna shares so much beautiful, practical advice as well. You are in for a treat, friends!  


Tune in to learn:

- How to lead when your team is just YOU 

- How to figure out what to delegate and automate in your business 

- Team building activities for your remote team 

- How to combat leadership imposter syndrome 

- How to figure out (and live out) core values in your business 

- Mastering the virtual team meeting agenda 

- How to build a solid team culture 

… and so much more! 


I hope this episode ENCOURAGES you as you build your business, regardless of where you are the team and leadership process. 


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