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Jun 13, 2023

Whether you are like me and work with a small team of contractors, or you are looking to hire your first contractor, this episode is for you! And hey - even if you don’t have a team yet, we are talking about difficult conversations and setting boundaries with clients, too, so this episode absolutely still applies.


Today, I’ve brought Jillian Dolberry onto the podcast because she is a PRO at teams (she specifically works with VA’s and OBM’s through her membership “Serve Your Heart Out”) and she also works with CEO’s on team-building, hiring, and leadership. So basically - she’s seen BOTH sides of this! I was thrilled to have her join me as a guest on the podcast!


We cover everything from:

  • The difference between a VA and an OBM
  • How we should be setting and enforcing our boundaries
  • How can we show grace to our team through difficult conversations
  • What we need to be doing BEFORE we let someone go
  • Whether or not you should treat your team like family
  • And so much more!


And hey, do you want to take this conversation about team-building and setting boundaries further? The Breakthrough Brand All Access Facebook Group is a GREAT place to do that! You might just find your next business bff or team member inside! Join us at 


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