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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

A new year means it’s a great time to make some small tweaks to your existing website!  In this episode, I’m sharing a few things to do to your website for the new year to keep things fresh both from an SEO perspective and to attract your dream clients and customers. 


I’ve divided this into 2 parts — first, you’ll hear me share changes that are EASY and fast to make! (I’m talking anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes.) Then, I’ll share a few more edits that will take more time, but will make a huge impact on your business! 


And, if you’ve discovered this episode later on in the year, still listen in! Every one of these except for one can be applied as a “spring cleaning” to your website at ANY time of year. So, if your website has gotten a bit stagnant, this is a great one for you! 


And, if you’re listening in and feeling like you don’t even want to make these edits because you just need a do-over with your website, no worries. I’d recommend checking out my website template shop! I have a collection of easy to use, strategic and fun templates that will help you start on the right foot for 2021. Shop them at 


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