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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

Today you are in for a TREAT. My bookkeeper is here to answer all of your business bookkeeping questions. And yep, your actual questions! I asked you guys on Instagram what bookkeeping questions you wanted us to tackle and those are the exact questions we are answering here. 


We chat about questions like… 

- How to find a bookkeeper who is right for your business?

- How is bookkeeping different from accounting?

- When is it time to hire a bookkeeper versus DIYing your bookkeeping?

- How is legitimate bookkeeping different from keeping a really detailed spreadsheet? 

- What reports in QuickBooks are the most important to pay attention to? 

- What's the best way to organize receipts and invoices? 

- How do I get started with bookkeeping if I’ve done none up until this point in my business? 


As you can see, so much great content, and that’s just a small portion of what our conversation is about. And fun thing, as I’m recording this intro, I actually got to hang out with Madison in real life a few weekends ago! She lives in Houston, but was in Nashville for the weekend. We got to go out to dinner together and seriously hung out for like 4 hours straight and it was so fun! You guys are going to love her as much as I do!  


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