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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Mar 9, 2021

Do you understand how trademarks relate to your online business? I totally didn’t, to be honest, and that’s why I wanted to have Joey on the podcast to educate ME and all of YOU! Now, trademarks might not seem like the most “exciting” topic, but it is so important to the health of your business. And, I seriously believe knowledge is power. Even just learning about and exploring this topic can be so beneficial! 


Joey is a trademark lawyer for online business owners, so he really GETS this space! He has helped tons of online entrepreneurs and course creators understand just how important trademarking really is and call legal dibs on their brands and signature methods.


In this episode, we explore what trademarks are and how they apply to your business. We talk about things like: 

- What even IS a trademark? 

- How is a trademark different from copyrights? 

- What can we trademark? What can’t we? 

- Could our competitors cut in and trademark something we use in our businesses? 

- How much does it cost to get something trademarked? 

- What are some common mistakes people make with trademarks? 

And, we talk about some of the horror stories Joey has seen when people didn’t trademark. This was SHOCKING to me! 


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