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Feb 23, 2021

Let’s play 20 questions — design business style… again! This is PART TWO of 20 questions for all my designer friends! 


 In my waitlist survey for my new program Booked Out Designer, there was a spot to “ask me anything”, and the waitlist designers sent some amazing questions in. I have had about 100 people fill out this survey so far, and the questions are definitely influencing what goes into the course, but in addition to that… I want to tackle some of them right now on the podcast. 


Designers, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode! For those of you who aren’t designers (still LOVE you!), you’ll also enjoy this for tons of tips about running a service based business. 


Some questions we’ll cover… 

- What would you tell your younger business owner self that you wish you knew now?

- What were the top 3 things that helped you reach 6 figures?

- Do you create your own copy for your website and instagram?

- How do you stay so motivated? 

- Why do you choose Showit over other website platforms? 

And so much more… again… there are 10 fabulous questions! 




In this episode, you’ll hear me talk about how my Booked Out Designer beta launch sold out basically immediately! Well, that was a while ago now! An update for you: The beta launch is over, the course is finished being created, and I’ve actually had over 100 students go through the program. If what I’m talking about in this episode is catching your attention as things you want to learn more about, then you’ve GOT to check out Booked Out Designer. (If you love this podcast, I think you’ll super love this course!)  Booked out designer will help you build a thriving, money-making design business that keeps you booked out, not burnt out. There are 90+ video lessons covering everything from things like pricing your services and delivering an incredible client experience to marketing yourself confidently on Instagram and eliminating awkward discovery calls. You’ll also have access to group coaching calls with me, and you’ll be part of our incredible facebook community to ask questions in. Want to see what students are saying and get info on how to join? The details are all here: I hope to see you inside of our community soon! Have questions? Email


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