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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Mar 2, 2021

As the title says, WE’RE HAVING A BABY! We are over the moon with excitement, and I have Adam with me on the podcast today to share the news and recap everything up until now! We recorded this at 13 weeks of pregnancy, and you all are hearing this right before I hit 15 weeks. 


Some highlights from the episode:

- Hear the story of how I found out and our first reactions

- Our trying to conceive story 

- The process of telling family and friends

- Funny dreams/predictions from friends BEFORE we were even pregnant

- The pregnant symptoms I’ve had and the ones I’ve skipped

- What the first trimester has been like 

- My birth plans - how we decided where we wanted to give birth and what we’ll be doing 

- What my business has looked like being pregnant (and keeping it a secret!)

- My maternity leave plans and how we’re preparing for that now 

- What fears we have about becoming parents

… and so much more! 


I hope you all enjoy this heart-to-heart episode about the pregnancy journey so far! If you want MORE pregnancy content, be sure to let me know. 

If we aren’t connected on Instagram, now is the time! I’ll be sharing more behind-the-scenes pregnancy stuff, fun videos of how we told friends and family, and so much more. Find me at 

See our pregnancy announcement: 

Fun montage of telling family:

Fun montage of telling friends: 

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