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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Mar 16, 2021

You guys are in for a treat today! I’m so excited to introduce you to Tiffany Cheung and her inspiring business story. So, Tiffany and I met in the internet world because she’s a template customer of mine. She uses the Nicole template, which she totally customized on her own in just 3 days, which was awesome to see and I absolutely love her website! And, we both were in one of the same online courses together!


Tiffany will be sharing how she went from being laid off during the pandemic in 2020 to creating a 6-figure online business teaching Instagram marketing. Tiffany is a single mama and is a student too finishing up her bachelor’s degree so she made this leap in her business with this stuff on her plate as well. After we talk through her story, we get really nice and practical and talk Instagram marketing strategies, which I think you all will love! 

Connect with Tiffany on her website: 

Connect with Tiffany on Instagram: 

Tiffany’s launch post from when she released her new EM Shop website:  

Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram: 

Connnect with Elizabeth on her website: 


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