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Mar 30, 2021

It's my 5 year business anniversary this week! March 29th, so the day before this airs, was the date I officially launched my business 5 years ago. And boy, am I grateful for this business! 


So to celebrate 5 years of business, I want to share with you 5 of the biggest business lessons I learned in these 5 years. There are so many lessons and so much learning obviously, but these are the things that truly stick out to me! And, these are the lessons that I hope you can learn as well because I believe these are the things that have seriously helped me scale and grow my business. 


This episode is especially casual — seriously, what I would tell you if you asked me this question over coffee. And, I share some stories and chit chat along the way! I hope you will love this one, and thank you for celebrating my business anniversary by tuning into this special episode! 


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And if you want to hear a past business anniversary episode, tune into episode #60 for my 4 year business anniversary episode: (It’s a super fun episode with some great tips as well! So if you love this one… head on back to #60!)