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Apr 6, 2021

Today I’m answering your questions about pregnancy! As I record this, I’m in my 17th week of pregnancy, and you’ll hear it a few weeks later. #workingahead I’ve enjoyed pregnancy so much, and absolutely love talking about it. I hope that sharing my experiences will help you if you’re pregnant or thinking about trying to conceive. 


Here are the fun questions I’m answering! 

- What has been your best pregnancy purchase? 

- Weirdest pregnancy symptom so far? 

- Favorite part of being pregnant? 

- What do you think the gender is? Are you finding out?

- Did you hire a doula? 

- Favorite/best pregnancy books so far? 

- Did you read any books or do anything in particular that you think helped you conceive? 

- How has working while pregnant been? 

- How are you preparing for a natural childbirth? 

- Hardest part of pregnancy so far? 

- How many children do you and Adam want?


For all the links mentioned, head to the full show notes at 

Hear our 1st episode about our baby on the way on episode #107 of this podcast! 

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