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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Apr 13, 2021

Today I’m chatting with my copywriter, Emily Conley of Emily Writes Well, and we are getting deep into email marketing strategy. If you want to learn how to write better emails… this episode is for you! 


We dive into tips about both sales emails and regular content emails. Plus, tons of tips on things like subject lines, email formatting, preview text, storytelling, and so much more! I think you’ll walk away from this one with more confidence to write great emails as a business owner. 


Some specifics we cover:

- How to understand (and utilize) the buyer’s journey

- How many emails you should send during a launch 

- How to make “goals” for your emails 

- How to figure out your email writing style

- How to make emails more FUN

- Tips for writing great subject lines

- How to utilize “preview text”

- Heavily designed emails versus plain text 

- Emily’s EM Shop experience

… and so much more! 


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Welcome back

Chatting with a copywriter who i’ve had the pleasure of working with many times noe - emily conley of emily writes well about email copywriting

  • Emily is a copywriter and strategist based in Nashville, TN. 
  • She writes website copy that connects, emails that make effortless sales, and sales pages that don't feel overwhelming for heart-centered entrepreneurs. 
  • She also teaches virtual assistants and business owners how to write like pros – and have a blast learning – in her group program and course, The Copy Party Academy. 
  • And we’ve worked together on emails, sales pages, and even stuff for this podcast, which you’ll hear us talk about. Emily is also an EM shop customer, which you’ll hear us discuss towards the end of this interview
  • But we’re talking about email writing specifically and get into some major tips for writing emails that get opens, clicks and replies 
  • Plus other stuff like preview text, subject lines, email formatting and more