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Apr 20, 2021

It’s time for a launch recap! Woot woot! And, the title says it all… I’m recapping my Booked Out Designer course launch that sold out in an hour. I love these types of episodes, and I’ve done a few for template launches, but this is my first course EVER! So it’s fun to talk about launching from a different angle and for a product that is a cart open/cart close model. 


I’m sharing the nitty gritty details of this launch including what I did leading up to it, what worked, what didn’t go so well, what I’ll change next time, and what the results have been. I’m so obsessed with this course and my amazing students. And even as I record this a month after the launch, I’m still blown away by how cool this whole experience was! 


Other episodes to check out that relate back to this one:

- Episode #110 - Basically the “prequel” to this one. I talk about why I chose to do a beta launch and how to know if that’s the right launch method for you. 

- Episode #77 - This is when I first announced that this course was coming! My original “plans” changed a lot, so it’s fun to listen back to that one and see what *actually* happened versus what I planned. 

- Episode #36 - This is where I talk about my FIRST ever launch that was a total flop and what I learned from it! 

- Episode #64 - A recap of my 2020 template launch that happened during the global pandemic 


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