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Breakthrough Brand Podcast - Online Business Growth, Website Design Strategies, Grow a Podcast, Motherhood and Business, Passive Income, Christian Faith, Showit Templates

May 25, 2021

Let’s talk about website strategy today in this short and strategy-packed episode! I’m sharing how to communicate ON your website exactly why your dream client should work with you over your competitors. All on your website — not even on discovery calls, email communications, etc… but literally just in the messaging and design you put forth online. 


Your website is a marketing tool for your business, and no matter what type of business you run… there are some great tips for you within these 4 ways I’m sharing! 


A fun note… You’ll hear me briefly mention this towards the end of this episode… New templates are coming VERY soon to EM Shop! I cannot wait to share these new designs with you. So, if you think your website needs more than these 4 tips and a complete overhaul instead, I got you. Mark your calendar for June 11th when there will be 2 new templates dropping in my shop! 


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