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Jun 8, 2021

One of my favorite “Showit features” is that it integrates with WordPress for blogging. Which confuses the heck out of people sometimes, but when you get it, you get it… And it’s magical.  People love WordPress for a reason. It’s very “powerful” meaning there’s A LOT you can do with it, especially thanks to things like plugins. (Which absolutely work with Showit too!) 


Basically a plugin is outside code (kind of like an app) that adds new functionality to your website by “plugging it into” what you already have. I’m kinda obsessed with plugins, not in an overdoing it kind of way (as that can slow your website), but more like a “there’s so much cool stuff you can do with these” way. 


In this episode, I’m sharing 7 WordPress plugins that work amazing with your Showit blog. Instad of focusing on the basics that we all know about, like JetPack or various spam protectors, I’m sharing some more obscure plugins that you may have never heard of or thought about using before. 


Some quick plugin notes:

  • There is a free version of all the plugins shared, and some have a paid option as well. I currently have the free version of ALL of these!  
  • The majority of these require you to have the higher tier “advanced blog subscription” with Showit. However, what is available on the “basic blog” subscription can change, so I recommend consulting Showit’s resources to see what’s available to you at the time you’re listening. 
  • The compatibility of these with Showit could change in the future, so defer to Showit’s support for what works! 
  • You can try Showit out for a month absolutely free, no strings attached with my link: 

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