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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

How can you start with a website template and make it your own? Make it FEEL super customized, without making it an actual “custom website”? There is a way, and I see people do it weekly over here with my EM Shop customers! In this short and sweet episode, I’m sharing 4 ways (and one bonus way) to make any website template not feel like it’s a website template. You don’t have to get a custom website designed in order to have a totally gorgeous, successful website for your business. These tips, strategies, and things to consider while shopping will get you started on the HOW! 


We talk about brand photography in this episode, and I have a few podcasts on that topic. To scroll back and listen to those, check out episodes #120, #15, and #16. 




And the most fun news of them all, this week in EM Shop, 2 new templates just RELEASED! WHATTT… yep, and they’re gorgeous, strategic, fun, and I think you’ll totally be obsessed with them. T


If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, then you’ve heard me talk about my “financial spreadsheet” that I use to know my numbers in my business, and for well over a year, you guys have been asking me to sell it. I finally am! Profit Sheet by EM Shop is a Google Sheet to help service-based businesses track everything from income and expenses to tax savings, owner's draw, profit percentage, quarterly revenue, and more! This spreadsheet allows you to always know your numbers in your business. You’ll get the Google spreadsheet, a tutorial on how to use it, and as a bonus a 20 minute training where I walk you through my favorite business credit cards, investing companies, health insurance for us self employed people, and more. You can shop it linked below! 


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You can try Showit out for a month absolutely free, no strings attached with my link: