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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Aug 3, 2021

I have a bit of a soap box for you today in this short episode. I feel really passionate about this because I really love entrepreneurs. (We are an amazing group if I say so myself!) And I love our community so much that I hate it when we’re fed lies about different business models, and when we’re only told half the story. I also hate it when terms are used wrong to make something sound flashier for a sales page. 


One thing this happens with is the concept of passive income. It’s so flashy right now — who wouldn’t want money while they sleep with zero effort ever? But, the what people are calling PASSIVE income, isn’t actually passive — it’s scalable. 


So today, I’m sharing what passive income actually means — plus, plenty of examples of real passive income. And, then I’m sharing what template shops, courses, memberships and all the other things touted as “passive income” *actually are*. 


As you can see, this is a short episode… it’s certainly not all there is to say on this topic! I know I left plenty of thoughts and details out. But, I hope this gets your mind spinning on ideas and gives you clarity as you navigate growing your online business. 


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