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Sep 21, 2021

It’s the final episode of our 3 part series on real estate! We’ll have to do a part 4 sometime down the line with updates, but I hope you have absolutely loved these so far and learned a lot from them. If you’re new here and missed the first 2 episodes, highly recommend going back and listening to those as well. 


For context on us, we own 3 long term rentals in the Middle Tennessee area. We are far from being “real estate gurus” or anything remotely similar. We’re just regular people, who actually have other jobs outside of real estate investing, who are doing this on the side and learning along the way! 

Here’s the scoop on the questions we’re answering today: 

 - I’d love to know more about how you’ve set it up as an LLC. We have one rental property that we have been renting for 7 years & we want to make the move to owning another in the next year or so, but we don’t have it set up as a separate business currently.

-  I’d also love to know the toughest / most challenging aspect of it so far, or something that came up that you didn’t expect.

- How do you find tenants to rent your properties?

- Have you considered two tenant properties? Why/why not? 

- Would love to know how you guys went about “studying/learning” about real estate. Books? Course? Google 😝

- Do you think real estate is the best place to invest your money?

- When deciding where to invest money… What other options do you like outside of real estate? 

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