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Oct 12, 2021

Whether you’re taking a maternity leave, a long (or short) vacation, a sabbatical, or ANY time away from your business for any reason, you’ll love the tips I’m sharing in today’s episode! This is the episode I was always hoping to find during my pregnancy about maternity leaves, but never found. So, I made it myself! This is a crash course in how I prepared for and planned my maternity leave — as an online business owner with a team. But, I give plenty of tips that will help you even if you’re a soloprenuer. 


I’m sharing exactly what I hope my maternity leave will look like, what the plan is, how I prepared myself and my team for the leave, and 6 of my top tips for planning your maternity leave or vacation. I’m recording this at almost 37 weeks pregnant right before my leave starts. You’ll be hearing it as my maternity leave is starting to come to a close. So, you’ll hear what I planned PLUS, you’ll be able to have seen how it was all executed. I plan to come back with a part two of this episode to share what worked and what didn’t in all of this planning. I’m a first time mom, so it’s VERY possible I missed some stuff. But, I feel great about this leave overall. 


I hope what I share here today blesses you and prepares you well to leave your business for a break with CONFIDENCE. Let me know if this episode helps you by sending me a message on Instagram or writing a review for this podcast on Apple Podcasts! I’d love to hear from you! 


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