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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jan 25, 2022

I have a TREAT for you today! I haven’t had an interview on the show in a little while, and I’m back with not 1 but SEVEN incredible guests for you to hear from! 


Our guests today are Callie Ammons, Kelsea Buddo, Ellen Wagner, Amber Housley, Emily Conley, Jess Jordana, and Madison Brown. These women are sharing the ways they have help with their kids, business and household while running successful businesses! 


As a new mom starting back to working from my maternity leave, I realized working with kids whether you own a business or work for someone else, is an entirely different ball game from what I was used to! I needed all the tips, and I didn’t know where to go to get them because I don’t think enough people are talking about the realities of working full time as a business owner and a mama. 


So, as I watch other business owning mamas, I’ve consistently wondered “How do they do it all? Do they work a limited schedule? Is their baby in daycare or with a nanny? Are they working all day and then cooking dinner every night or is there a hack for that? How do they do it?!” I know many of you wonder the same. 


Balancing motherhood, your household, and your business is a lot of work. The women you’re about to hear from are all moms, all business owners, and all in different stages of motherhood from new moms like me to moms of older kiddos. They are all bringing you their top tip for getting help in motherhood, their business, and their household! 


Some highlighted topics you’ll hear about:

- Advice from families where both parents are working full time or where their spouse owns a business too. 

- Thoughts on nannies, daycare, schools, and other ways people find outside help with their kiddos. 

- The experience of having your child at home “full time” while you also work full time. 

- What it’s like to run your business AND work another job full time

- Tips on outsourcing household tasks and growing your team within your business 

- Ways to organize your calendar as a family 

- What finding help looks like in the early days when you don’t have family nearby 

- The different seasons of motherhood as a working mama 

- And so so much more! 


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