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Mar 29, 2022

As the title of this episode says, and as I’ve talked about a few times recently on this podcast, I work part time hours in my business (typically 15-25 in a week right now), and my business brings in multiple five-figures each month in profits. I don’t think my business hours will be this way forever. However, as a new mama, I WANT to work less to have more time with my son. And, at least right now, my husband and I don’t have outside help for childcare. So, that’s the info, and I’m sharing the HOW. Specifically, 5 ways I’ve built my business to work this way, and how you can work towards this too. I’m getting super practical as to HOW I’m doing this exactly (like how it works to have a business that earns well and not be working myself into the ground everyday to make it happen). 


Maybe you only have part-time hours to work in your business because you’re a stay at home mom or maybe you work another part-time job, or maybe this episode caught your eye simply because you’d like to work less! Whatever the reason, I think these tips (and seeing how I’m doing things) will help you build a successful business working the amount that you desire for this season of your life. (Again, seasons change and each SEASON of business brings new and different things!) I hope these 5 things I’m sharing encourage you and get your mind spinning with ideas for growing your business! 


Psst… I am also sharing a little sneak peek into a new course I’m working on. You’re hearing it here first — literally! I’m not going to share about this anywhere else for now, so tune in to hear about it and to hear how you can join the waitlist + take a survey to tell me what you want to learn on this topic. 


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