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May 3, 2022

In April, I posted a (very cute) video of my baby doing what appears to be a little baby workout, and… it went viral! 3.2 million views at the time I’m recording this, and probably more as you are hearing the episode. It’s had 171k+ likes, 1,532 comments, 125k+ shares, and over 10k saves. (And growing… I’ll add updates to these shownotes as I have them!) 


So today, we’re taking a casual look at this reel. I’m sharing what I think helped it “go viral”, lessons learned from this process, what I’d do differently next time, and some random things that have come of this video (like more followers and rude trolls). If you’re interested in growing with Reels, I think you’ll enjoy this conversation a lot. I’m learning alongside you! I love social media marketing strategy, but I’m honestly NOT a “Reels expert”. I’m sharing my experience, but with plenty of tips throughout! 


Links mentioned in the episode:


*UPDATES:* Since recording this episode, the video has passed 4.4 million plays and the new version I made (with new text on video and new caption) has not really taken off, which is interesting to observe. I’ve also been asked to sell the licensing rights to the video by multiple companies, which I’ve been exploring, but will probably say no to. 


I hope you enjoy this episode, and I’d love to continue the conversation over on Instagram! Find me @elizabethmccravy.