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May 24, 2022

If you know me, you know I love a good calendar and productivity conversation, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today! I’m sharing strategies to help you protect your time, schedule meetings with more efficiency, and think strategically about your calendar and meetings. Whether it’s an in-person meeting, a zoom video call or a phone call, they all take time, energy, and effort. AND, meetings take away from the much needed deep work we do in our businesses. Meetings are a necessary part of running our businesses though, so let’s make it WORK for us instead of being something that slows us down. 


I’ve had weeks in my business where I’ve let meetings slow me down and ruin my productivity because there are too many of them or they are poorly spaced out simply because I wasn’t protecting my calendar. So, these are my favorite meeting and calendar management tips from my calendar to yours! Enjoy! 

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