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Jul 12, 2022

Calling all course creators and future course creators, this one is for you! Creating an online course is NOT easy. It’s daunting, often very overwhelming, and it can be tough to get started and get momentum to keep going. I think online courses are so worth it, but it’s not all “no work and easy money” like some people presume. In fact, it can be hard to fit the time into your business to create a course, and overcoming the overwhelm of the process can be so challenging that you never finish the course. 


In this episode, I’m sharing 6 ways to fight that feeling of overwhelm with creating a course and make the process much smoother for your life and business! You’ll hear me share my experience as I created my course, Booked Out Designer, and how these 6 tips came out of that experience of creating a massive online course in just a few months. I hope this gives you a breath of fresh air and motivates you on your course creation journey! 


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