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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Aug 16, 2022

Let’s talk productivity for mamas! For the past year since my son was born, I have either been on maternity leave or running my business very part time. The way I do things, how much time I have, what I prioritize, and my energy output have all changed since becoming a mom. So, my productivity methods have changed too. What used to work doesn’t work as well anymore, and I’ve found myself constantly learning how to make the most of my time and be present in my work and with my son while doing so! 


Today, I’m sharing 4 tips with you that have helped me work and do mom life the best I can in this first year of motherhood. These are things I wish I knew before becoming a mom or things I wish I had found out sooner. So, I’m hoping to save you some time by sharing them with you now. 


It’s worth nothing, I’m sharing these from the perspective of being a first time mom of a little boy under 1. So, some of you more experienced mamas probably have other tips to add, and some of these tips might not work so well when you have multiple kids or older kids. I can only teach on this from my experience, which is life working with a baby! So, this is what has worked for me in this season of life, and I hope it helps you whatever season of motherhood you’re in! 


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