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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Sep 6, 2022

In this episode, we are having some fun, talking about how to HAVE fun as business owners. So many of us start a business because we think it’ll be fun. We maybe aren’t enjoying our day jobs, we want a side hustle to go along with being a mom, or we feel really passionate about an idea and want to act on it. Whatever it is, we want to have fun with it typically. But so often our businesses aren’t fun. They can actually become a total drag where we are like a poorly treated employee in our own company and we are the bad boss. I get it that some seasons and moments in business simply are not easy. I have certainly been in those moments myself, but even within that owning a business can still be an overall fun experience. So if you feel like you haven’t been enjoying your business lately, these are a few ideas to put some FUN back into your work. 


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