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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Sep 20, 2022

To create this episode, I basically asked myself — What would I want to tell a dear friend who owns a business and now has a baby or is expecting about doing motherhood and business together? And, these are the things I wrote down! Whether you’re an expecting mama, a new mom, or have been doing motherhood and business longer than me, I think you’ll find some great tips you can implement right now about motherhood and business, particularly in the realm of productivity as moms. 

I’m approaching this from my own experiences of being a new-ish mom to a recently 1 year old baby boy. I know some of this may look different in your particular circumstances or if you have multiple kids or older kids. Take what you can from my advice to apply to your life and leave what doesn’t work. 

I did an episode a few weeks ago that could be considered part one of this! That was episode #172 titled “My Top 4 Productive Mom Hacks for Running a Successful Business with a Baby or Toddler” — so tune into that one after this if you haven’t already. And, I’ve done TONS of episodes at this point about motherhood and business that are worth scrolling through the podcast feed to find and listen to! 


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