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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

I’m so excited to have fellow web designer, Josh Hall, on the podcast today. Josh is a web designer turned educator for designers, and he’s bringing the good stuff today! Josh and I jump all over the place from his business story to his advice for scaling your web design business, maintenance plans, messaging as designers, time management, fatherhood, and so much more. 


Josh built his business to 6-figures/year as a soloprenuer, and we talk extensively about this journey and the exact HOW of him doing this. We also talk about his journey as a cabinet maker by day and drummer by night in 2009 to starting his freelance web design journey. He built his web design career as a soloprenuer from 2010-2016 and scaled his web design agency up before selling it in the summer of 2020 to focus full time on teaching others how to build web design businesses of their own. 


Josh and I had so much fun together chatting. We actually did back-to-back interviews for both of our podcasts. I interviewed him, and then he interviewed me. So all together, we chatted for about 3 hours. I’ll link to my interview on his show (Web Design Business With Josh Hall) once it airs. 


Some highlights we discuss:

  • How to do maintenance plans as a designer (I LOVED this!) 
  • How maintenance plans can work as a Showit designer too 
  • How Josh made over $100k/year as a soloprenuer 
  • Scaling an agency, then selling it and that whole process 
  • Building a team as a designer and working with contractors 
  • What it was like moving from an agency to a personal brand educator 
  • How it could actually be a BENEFIT to you if your business is your side hustle 

Connect with Josh and Elizabeth:


Listen to my interview on Josh's Podcast here: