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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Nov 8, 2022

Today’s episode with Angela is so fun, so inspiring, and full of nuggets of wisdom about life and business. So, friends, meet Angela Brown — she’s a talent brand and portrait photographer based in Brighton, Michigan. She was a wealth advisor for 25 years before doing a 180 on her career to become a photographer — proving it’s never “too late” to make a major career shift. Angie also enjoys educating other photographers in building personal brands to attract their ideal clients. She’s got plenty of tips for you photographers listening, but we also talk about her awesome career story, her experience with EM Shop templates, and so much more. 


Highlights from this interview:

  • How Angela pivoted to being a brand photographer after 25 years as a wealth advisor 
  • Angela’s experience customizing her EM Shop template - spoiler, she had FUN! 
  • The Showit Blueprint Course and how it guides you through your website build out 
  • Changes Angela made to her template to making it uniquely her own 
  • Why Angela switched from ProPhoto (WordPress) to Showit 
  • Tips and strategies for building a successful business as a brand photographer 

Thinking about getting a template from EM Shop like Angela did? Here’s a little blurb with what she had to say about EM Shop: "I am so thankful I found Elizabeth and the EM Shop! As someone who has always hired a designer to customize my Wordpress site, it was a big step to take that responsibility into my own hands. But Elizabeth and her team gave me support when I was stuck. Most importantly, the Showit Blueprint course was simply incredible. I got almost all the answers and best-practices I needed to create my dream site. Even Elizabeth's launch and marketing tips were so helpful! I would recommend EM Shop to anyone looking to up her game!"

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