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Nov 22, 2022

What makes a great website? What makes a dud? Besides all the obvious things like don’t make your text too small, don;t use 1,000 fonts at once and things like that… What are the major keys?! No matter what you do in your work, if you have a website — you should be asking these questions. Today I’m sharing 3 things that I consider top things to making a successful website, and they are things people often miss. I’m calling these “strong opinions”, but this could also be called “unpopular opinions” because these aren’t said enough. I hope this short and sweet episode gives you some business and website ideas to run with!  


I go BIG for Black Friday. It’s my biggest sale of the year, and the actual best time to get a website template. All EM Shop templates are 35% off. The last time they were discounted this much was LAST Black Friday and they won’t be on sale again this much until Black Friday 2023. 

In addition to the major savings, you’re getting an awesome line up of bonuses:

- *TODAY ONLY!* On 11/22 only, you’re getting the fast action bonus of a website page audit from myself or a talented designer on my team. You’ll be able to get our take in a video reviewing any page of your website. You’ll have months to claim this so you can use it whenever you’re done customizing your new template! 

- LAUNCH LAB: You’re getting access to my brand new pop-up facebook community, Launch Lab. Inside of Launch Lab, we’ll be sharing tips and strategies to help you as you customize your EM shop template, you’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback, and meet other like minded business owners. If you’re craving community or worried you’ll never actually get your template customized, this is for you. 

- LIVE CLASS WITH ELIZABETH: You’re also getting a LIVE workshop with me all about how to customize your site like a designer. I’ll be going over tips for getting started in your website customization process, design strategies for customizing a template and launch tips too. Plus, you’ll be able to ask me anything in our Q&A at the end of the training! If you can’t attend live, there will be a replay. The training is happening December 14th. 

 - PROFIT SHEET: You’re getting Profit Sheet ($37 value) absolutely free with your purchase. Profit Sheet is my financial spreadsheet for helping you track your upcoming income as a service provider, track tax payments, paying yourself, expenses and #allthethingsmoney. I 

- LANDING PAGE KIT: Lastly, you’re getting my Landing Page Kit. This is 5 Showit templates that can be added to any template to give you more options for your landing pages for things like a coming soon page, email opt-in, waitlist, and more! Easy to customize and add to your site. 

And of course, you get your amazing EM Shop template at 35% off and access to the Showit Blueprint Course and our world class in-house customer support. If you’re needing a new website, or even just a page for that podcast you’re wanting to start or the course you plan to launch in 2023, you need to shop this sale! Shop before 11/29 to lock in the savings! And use the code “BLACKFRIDAY” to save. Get all the bonus details here: 


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