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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jan 3, 2023

Mama friends, I believe this episode is the encouragement you need as we kick off another year of business, another year of motherhood, and another year of wearing A LOT of hats. I’m chatting with Joy Michelle, she’s a photographer turned YouTuber and business coach. (And a long time listener of this podcast!) She’s got 2 kiddos, Clara and Lewis, and she has been married to her high school sweetheart Felipe for over 10 years. Joy loves sharing all that she has learned about building a business while also being a present mom, and she is someone I have really loved learning from personally in my first year as a mom and business owner. Her podcast Called to Both is AMAZING, and I was a guest on a compilation episode (Episode #17 of her show)


Joy and I are talking about motherhood and business — about the ups and downs, the struggles, the joys, and encouragement in it all. We talk about things like what it looks like to be called to both motherhood and business and how we can navigate that well, what Joy’s work week is like as a working mom, the struggle of time management as working moms and tips there, advice for the mom feeling burnt out on her business or burnt out on motherhood. 


Important Note: We actually recorded this at the end of August 2022. So, a few months ago! I’m just airing it now because after the conversation, I had the thought that this would be a great episode to kick off the new year with. But, when you hear us reference our kids ages, just know, they’re all around 4 months older now! I hope this conversation blesses you and that you can step into your calling gracefully as a mama who feels called to both. 


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