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Jan 17, 2023

When I surveyed you guys about what you want more of on the podcast in 2023, a resounding answer was investing, financial, and real estate investing content. NOW… I’m not about to turn this into a real estate podcast, don’t worry. But, as someone who likes to share what’s working for me with you all, I love giving you a behind the scenes into what I do with the money that my business makes because I know this type of information can help you too. 

Whether or not you have real estate properties right now, this is for you. This is especially for you if this is a side business you’re interested in pursuing! I had Adam on the podcast last on episodes #134, #135, and #136, which was over 16 months ago! In those episodes, we talked about our real estate business and answered some of your questions. It was really fun and we’ve gotten great feedback from those episodes. Since then, we have more properties — 5 total, and we’ve learned a lot! 

Here’s what we’re covering today:

  • Breaking down the exact financial numbers on 3 of the properties (what we invested, the ROI, and cash that was made in 2022)... yes, all the details! 
  • Macroeconomics of real estate and the housing marketing right now 
  • Marriage and working together in a business like this 
  • How real estate can be a family business 
  • Unexpected costs involved that decrease your profits 
  • Advice if you’re struggling to invest in real estate 
  • And so much more! 

We joke that this was our business year end meeting that you get to sit in on because it truly felt that way! I hope you enjoy it, and come back next week where we’ll be sharing what we know now that we wish we knew when we first started our real estate business. 

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