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Jun 6, 2023

I’ve been a guest on MANY podcasts at this point over the last 7 years of owning my business. I still remember being absolutely terrified before my first interview. I came prepared with about 4 pages of outlined notes and had literally rehearsed answers to the questions I knew I’d be asked! Not kidding! Who can relate?


Now, YEARS later, I can go on a show and feel confident in my answers with very little preparation (in comparison, anyway!). But I still make sure I’m always showing up for interviews prepared and trying to be a good podcast guest because truly, it matters. This person (the podcast host - whomever it is!) is allowing you to be in front of their people with your message. It’s worth thinking about ahead of time, and coming to the conversation energized and ready to SERVE! (And being ready to serve once the episode airs days or months later too.) 


Today, I’m sharing: 

  • 5 game-changing strategies to help you elevate your podcast guest game
  • What you should include on a media page to make it easier for hosts!
  • Before you pitch to be a podcast guest, what you need to do first
  • A pre-episode task list you can use every time
  • And so much more!


I’ve also made you something to make your life as a podcast guest and speaker even easier. My BRAND NEW Speaker Template for Showit is available now! Head to to check out this amazing new add on template. There’s even a Media Kit page included, plus lots of bonus canvases to give you the custom pages your business needs! And, this week only, ALL of my templates are 20% off to celebrate these new templates launching. Use code “ADDON” for 20% off everything through Friday, June 9th! 


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