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Oct 23, 2023

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As you think about starting a podcast, you might have hesitations and questions like: do I have time for it? Who am I to start a podcast? Do I have anything to say that people would actually want to hear? Is the tech going to overwhelm me too much? Will I even enjoy podcasting? What if I quit and people see me as a failure? How will people even find my podcast? Am I articulate enough to do a voice only medium? Am I making the right choice on the tech I'm considering buying and the hosting platform I'm choosing? There are a lot of questions that come up!

On top of the questions, you might have thoughts like: I'm afraid no one will listen and I'll be embarrassed. I'm afraid people will judge me thinking that I think I'm someone special to do this. I have too much imposter syndrome to start. Or maybe you feel like you’re not good at talking because of an accent or English not being your first language. You might also be thinking things like: I'm worried about the time it takes. As a busy mom, I'm worried I'll overthink everything and never get content out there or want to delete every episode after I record it. Maybe you're overwhelmed by making the right choices if you're going to invest your time into doing that. 

These are actually all real people's hesitations around starting a podcast (that came straight from the people who filled out my interest survey for my new podcast course). And these are also some of the things I personally felt when I started my own podcast four and a half years ago. Today, I’m sharing some encouragement for you if you are thinking about starting a podcast and sharing 4 of the most common fears and how to overcome them!


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